Amara Mermaid and the Seashore Trash


"Amara Mermaid and the Seashore Trash" is an educational and fun book aimed at young children.  Amara who is a Mermaid has come to Troon seashore to see her seashore creature friends and is horrified to find out that her friends are using human trash as their new homes and eating plastic pellets thinking they are food ...


(created and written by L Lunan and illustrated by A Rickards)


If you would like a copy or two please get in touch via feedback tab.


Linda Lunan - Amara Mermaid and the Seashore Trash Creator


Linda loves communing with the seashore, working with imagery / written word and being involved in projects on the theme of the Seashore. 

Linda's message is:

Please do not leave your litter/trash on the Seashore!


Anna Rickards - Amara Mermaid and the  Seashore Trash Artist


My name is Anna Rickards. I am nineteen years old and study at university in Edinburgh. I have been drawing since I could hold a pen (mostly on important documents such as bank statements) and do not plan on stopping while I can still hold one! I have done a lot of creative projects which I’ve enjoyed greatly, and I’m hoping that one day I can work as a storyboard artist for an animation company so that I can draw all day for a living. When I’m not doodling I really love to write stories, and I’ve just started learning a very cool martial art at university called Jiu Jitsu that I like a lot. Working on Amara Mermaid was great fun, and I hope you enjoy reading the book as much as I enjoyed illustrating it!


Anna answers some question on: Amara Mermaid and the Seashore Trash Book


 It would be lovely if you started telling me about yourself. A bit about yourself before you took up your seashore project.


Hi! My name is Anna Rickards and I am an artist and illustrator from Glasgow. Before the seashore project, I worked on a number of other creative projects such as website art, magazine illustrations and educational resources for charity. I usually work in black and white ink, sometimes with a colour wash, and my favourite artists to get inspiration from are Quentin Blake and Shel Silverstein. I am currently doing a degree in English Literature at Edinburgh University. 


What happened to make you decide to do this seashore project that you are involved with? 


I saw online that an artist was needed to create seashore images for a picture book, and I thought that my style of art would be well suited for the job! I got in touch with creator of Amara Mermaid and the Seashore Trash book  and sent over a couple of example drawings, and she got in touch straight away. 


When did you first start to do the seashore project? 


I started the project at the beginning of last summer.  (PS Now a few summer's ago)


Where did you do the seashore project? 


As I do not currently have a proper art studio, I did the majority of the work sat at my living room table - quite often the pages would take up the entire floor when I spread them all out to look at them! 


How did you go about doing the seashore project? 


I first traced the outlines of the pages in pencil so that they would be the correct size, and then started the drawings in black ink. I don’t like to draw in pencil so I tend to go straight to ink before anything else. After that, I coloured the designs with watercolour.  


Is there something interesting or/and humorous that has happened whilst doing the seashore project that the readers may love to read about?

It took a long time to colour all of the tiny little seashore objects around the borders of the pages. Colouring is my least favourite part of the process, so I would often be backed up with pages and pages of tiny objects to colour and get quite frustrated! Keeping the characters looking the same was also a concern of mine, but I think it turned out quite well in the end. 




Amara Mermaid   - Front Cover
Amara Mermaid - Front Cover
Amara Mermaid - Back Cover
Amara Mermaid - Back Cover

Meet Amara's new flat mate Sandie

Amara Mermaid loves creativity on the seashore

Amara Mermaid is saddened to see so much trash on the seashore :(

Amara Mermaid say "Far better to eat a banana as the banana skin is less damaging to the seashore than a crisp packet".

Amara Mermaid thinks the piece of wood looks like a giant pencil. Maybe Amara could write "Happy New Year 2018" to you all. :)

Amara Mermaid says "Do we really need pink on the seashore?"

The Seashore is a lovely place to be creative.
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