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Strandings - Dead or Alive

by An Lucht Lonrach - 11:10 on 21 February 2018


Strandings - Dead or Alive


On the 19th February 2018 whilst taking a stroll along the seashore I came across a dead marine life. (see photo attached). I photographed it and sent it to SMASS – they emailed me back and said that it was a Common Dolphin and my observation had been logged under case reference number M108/18.


If you come across a dead or alive stranding here are the contact details for SMASS.


How to Report a Stranding


The Scottish Marine Animal Stranding Scheme


Dead Strandings


When you report a stranding, please try to provide the following information:

Date found

Location (grid reference if possible)

Photographs of the carcase

Species or description (see species guide)

Overall length (estimation)

Condition of the animal

Your contact details


To report a stranding:

Phone/text: 07979 245893 or 01463 243030

or Email: strandings@sruc.ac.uk




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