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   Linda's  Simple Bio


- I am me, Owner of An Lucht Lonrach, Irish living in Troon, Scotland.

- As an A.L.L. Seashore Ambassador and owner of A.L.L. Seashore Hub I aim to promote, protect and preserve the Seashore.  (Please see:  www.allseashorehub.org)

- Loves walking along the seashore, networking and dabbling in imagery and writing.

- Seashore Druid    (Seashore Druid  loves the Seashore and draws inspiration and spiritual nourishment from it. She enjoys watching the sea and communing with it.)


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Exhibition - Seashore V Seashore Trash

I am searching for venues  to put on exhibitions of  images and writing from  my "Seashore V Seashore Trash" themed project.  If you are interested in putting on such an exhibition or just want to know more then please telephone me on:

Landline:  01292 739014